Project: Ekstern prosjektleder for Code Arkitektur, Masterplan KOKSA, Fornebu.
Status: Vunnet konkurranse 2010
Client: IT Fornebu
Size: 56 000 m2
Team: Halvor Weider Ellefsen and Mirza Mujezinovic,
collaboration with Code: Arkitektur AS and Multiconsult As

The site appears as a plateau in the landscape, characterized by the large concrete surfaces, leftovers from the old Oslo Airport at Fornebu. As such, these perform as structuring elements for the architectural and urbanistic intervention. The most important goal has been to create a green project with an attractive and sustainable housing environment. In addition, the project meets passive-house and/or plus-house standards, as well as it uses sustainable materials with low impact on the climate.

The project treats Koksa as a site-specific situation, as it explores the potentials of its location, the area’s infrastructural framework, climate and local topography. The buildings are optimized in terms of sun orientation and reuse of existing concrete surfaces. This has resulted in a plan, which offers flexibility in housing types, life-styles, as well as it offers possibility of gradual development where the project may be developed in several construction stages. As such, the project draws on the underlying financial logic embedded within the framework of housing production in Oslo-area.





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