Custom Made Shanghai


logov EMBA_ExpositionShanghai

Custom Made continues its Asia tour, now as an invited participant in SUSAS – The Shanghai Urban Space Art Season at the West Bund exhibition hall in Shanghai, China. Parts of the project was redesigned to address the focus on urban space held of the exhibition, and Arkitektur & Designhøgskolen i Oslo’s Custom Made – Naturalizing Tradition was back to back with Tongji university, Columbia university, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya as well as several individual participants from all over the globe. The exhibition, originally curated by Mirza Mujezinovic and Halvor Weider Ellefsen for The Oslo Triennale of Architecture. Custom Made have until now been exhibited in Oslo, Copenhagen and Beijing.

DSCN4854 DSCN4866 DSCN4856

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